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Frotcom International has been a global provider of vehicle tracking systems since 1996. The company is based in Portugal and is directly present in more than 30 countries worldwide, through a network of local Frotcom Certified Partners.

International´s overall mission is to assist companies in their effort to achieve the best out of their fleets, by using state-of-the-art all-included vehicle tracking systems. In order to accomplish this mission Frotcom has focused the development of its solutions on maximizing productivity whilst decreasing operational costs


Frotcom is the best tool for GPS fleet tracking. A small unit containing a GPS receiver and GPRS communication module is installed in each vehicle of the fleet. This unit allows the fleet manager to monitor the movement of all vehicles: where they are, where they were, when they began the journey, where they stopped and for how long, and so on.
With Frotcom you can track all your vehicles 24 hours a day, with positions and sensor data received every minute. Optional add-ons include cost management, a navigation module for drivers, two-way text communication, fuel control and automatic driver identification.
Data collected by Frotcom from the vehicles is processed to generate rich, simple and useful reports. These reports can be sent automatically via email, ensuring that useful information is delivered to the right person at the right time. Alarm situations are also immediately detected and can be reported by email and SMS.
All you need to access Frotcom is an internet connection and a web browser. Access your fleet information in the workplace, at home or anywhere else. No software needs to be installed.